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What is a Baitcaster? and Benefits associated with Baitcaster Reel

By Orlando Thompson December 21, 2019 0 comments

What is a Baitcaster you asked?  Now's the time for advocates of spinning reels to offer baitcasters a hard look.

Sportfishing Anglers tend to like diverse baitcaster reel types depending on the region they reside in, but no matter where you are located, it’s tough to overcome a baitcaster for pinpoint accuracy and reliability when it comes to sportfishing.

Most anglers (like me) probably learn to fish with spinning reels, never really understanding or trying baitcasters.  Nothing against baitcaster reels but no one in my fishing circle of influence ever spoke of or used baitcasters. Nowadays over the past 10 years, baitcasters are more and more mainstream and with that comes tons of questions about baitcaster reels.

With the large mixture of topwater-plug sportfishing, Gulf Coastline inshore angling and freshwater bass sportfishing in the spotlight the flexibility and satisfaction from the revolving-spool, star-drag reels are now being preferred over the more common spinning reels. Now, I consider myself a late adopter, and I’ve learned some things along the way.

Baitcasters require feel and that’s not necessary with spinning reels. If you get past that small snag, you’ll notice baitcaster reels excel in lure-casting distance and accuracy.  With lighter offerings and even lure retrievals that are much smoother and without the jerking actions of other reels.

Compact baitcasting reels feature crucial differentiating characteristics from spinners, such as level winds, less heavy drags, spool-tension knobs, and braking systems. When fishing, righties often cast baitcasters with their right hand, then switch the rod and reel over to their left hand and crank with their right hand. That may sound like too many motions after a cast, but I perfected the actions after a day of fishing. If I can do it, so can you.

A few angling “hacks” to take into consideration: If you have the dexterity, consider cutting out some actions by casting with your left hand and reeling with your right. And if turning the handle on the right side of the reel — or working a lure with your left hand — proves too cumbersome, consider buying a lefty baitcaster. Pairing the proper casting rod and reel together is an entirely different process that’s not covered in this post. Light lures with stiff rods often necessitate a combo that’s comfortable for the angler to cast.

Fine-tune Your Baitcaster Reel suppliers make it easier than ever to prevent the feared baitcasting blunder: the backlash. But anglers should be intimately familiar with two parts of the reel — the spool-tension knob and the brake — to help fine-tune and adjust their casts (which also helps to prevent backlashing and all the headaches that come with it).

The spool-pressure knob will help avert overruns by using strain to each side in the spool. Some anglers set the tension control by tightening the knob just enough so that their lure falls slowly to the ground during free-spool.

Snook angling in Florida with baitcaster reels Casting lighting lures and gentle plastics with a baitcaster reel requires a delicate touch and is also best left to skilled anglers. Sportfishing Pros say the reel’s brakes come with an even bigger effect on cast manage.

“The two most typical braking centrifugal, magnetic and methods, act slightly differently but provide exactly the same goal,” says Chris Littau, senior merchandise director with Quantum reels. “Centrifugal brakes rely on weights. Magnetic brakes utilize electromagnetic force. No matter the brake system, the faster the spool turns, the more brake pressure applied to slow it down.”

Utilizing the concepts of baitcasters now you are ready to look at this recommended baitcasters reel with a better understanding.


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